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The Iyashi Dôme is a tool for health and beauty


Our treatment device is the only Japanese Sauna that offers scientifically proven results in the 3 following fields: DETOX, WEIGHT LOSS and ANTI-AGEING.


- Refinement and improvement of the silhouette - burns up to 600 calories a session

- Beneficial for skin - anti-aging effect - makes skin softer and appearing younger

- Great for joint pain and muscular relaxation


We live in a toxic world - stress creates toxins in the body, we inhale pollution in our air and food, develop allergies, fatigue and cellulite.  These toxins and heavy metals are harmful, and often the body will react by retaining water in order to dilute them.  Before reaching a saturation point, the body will produce fat in reaction to the volume and this generates weight gain.  The heavy metals cannot mix with water so are assimilated into the fat cells in our bodies.


The Iyashi Dôme was developed to counteract this - it is a revolutionary organic-based far infrared therapy which produces healthy perspiration.  This makes it possible to purify, regenerate and get slimmer by balancing the body.


Benefits for Skin

A recent clinical trial conducted over a 28 day period involving 13 patients, each using the dome twice a week, showed up to 18% reduction in wrinkles, on at least one of the areas measured, in all participants.  Skin complexion became more luminous up to 12%, for 80% of participants.  It also helped to brighten the skin and reduce dark spots by up to 24%.


How often should I use it?

2 or 3 times a week is ideal, however, you will still get benefit from using it as little or often as you can.

Our Iyashi Dôme is the most premium model with an oxygen-enriched air diffusion system combined with organic essential oils (3 different virtues: detox, serenity, vitality), boosting relaxation and cellular oxygenation levels in order to accelerate the detox process.


With just one Iyashi Dôme session, the body produces the same quantity of sweat when running at least 20km, but without the negative effects of excessive endorphin production, active oxygen, development of fatty acids, heart risks and premature ageing due to wear and tear on the body.  During a 30-minute Iyashi Dôme session, the whole body can lose up to 1200ml of sweat. 


The Essential Role of Sweat

Iyashi Dôme technology purifies and shapes the silhouette by restoring balance and youth to the body.  The amount of sweat produced with the Iyashi Dôme is equivalent to the amount the body produces during intense exercise, but beneficially without the wear and tear caused by exercise.

                                                                   * Intensive sports: for example, running at least 20km


Sweating plays an important role in expelling toxins from the body.  Even if you exercise on a regular basis, the amount of sweat your body produces is sometimes insufficient.

There are two types of sweat:

Category 1:   Produced by the sudoriferous glands (sport, hot baths, sauna, steam rooms).  This type of sweat is chemically similar to urine (salt, uric acid, ammonia, amino acids, potassium, creatine, urea, water). 

Category 2:   Produced by the sebaceous and apocrine glands (intense sports*).  This type of sweat is generated by the break down of fat, including cholesterol, fatty acids, subcutaneous fat as well as lactic acid, active oxygen and toxins.


What are Dioxins?

Dioxins are a generic name for a family of extremely toxic chemical pollutants created mainly by industrial processes and incinerated waste.  Dioxins accumulate in the food chain and are absorbed by humans mainly through the consumption of meat, dairy, eggs and fish.


The World Health Organisation discloses that dioxins can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer.

Once dioxins enter the body, they can last a long time due to their chemical stability and ability to be absorbed by fat tissue where they are then stored.  Their half-life in the body is estimated to be 7 to 11 years.  Dioxins tend to accumulate in the food chain, and the higher an animal is in the food chain, the higher the concentration of dioxins.


Technology serving tradition

Iyashi Dôme is based on a well-proven traditional practice of detoxifying the body in Japan called Suna Ryoho.  For over 300 years the Japanese have been going to natural hot springs during summertime to undergo a treatment which involves being buried in hot sand to eliminate toxins from the body.  Ibusuki, in South Japan, is one of the most famous areas in Japan for sand baths, many of which are located by the sea.  In these specific areas, the earth and sun (natural far infrared radiation) release heat into the layer of the sand surrounding the submerged body, giving the sand precious properties for the body.


This tradition is carried on today through the Infrared Technology by Iyashi Dôme.

The Iyashi Dôme was designed to imitate this practice as infrared rays penetrate the body by up to 40mm, therefore you will sweat out toxins from the bloodstream (and the body begins to draw from deep fat reserves).

When this sweat is analysed, the presence of elements found in Category 2 perspiration are detected (see below).



How does it work?


The Iyashi Dôme safely uses Far Infrared Technology

Far infrared rays have naturally existed since the sun started shining.  The rays are essential to plant growth and all organic matter.  The Iyashi Dôme effectively uses the benefits of infrared rays without the damaging effects of the sun (and produces the benefits of exercise without the wear and tear on your body - see above and below).


The Iyashi Dôme, in order to emit its far infrared rays, uses 100% Japanese technology called "Black Carbon".  This system is patented in Japan and the USA.  Iyashi Dôme offers the most optimal emission of infrared on the market, between 5 and 20 micrometres, the best match for the human body to absorb.

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