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Living with a mental health problem can sometimes make it hard to know where to turn for support.  If you are not comfortable talking to your friends and family, you may turn to a professional. Here at Rosewood Clinic, we offer a variety of psychology services tailored specifically to each individual to help them achieve a state of mental well being and peace. We offer treatments and care for depression, anxiety + panic disorders, bereavement, loss & guilt, pain management, relationship difficulties, anger management, life coaching and corporate psychology management & coaching.​






low self esteem

person centered + humanistic therapy

Person-centered counselling focuses on the personal relationship between a counsellor and his/her client.  The development of trust and understanding within this counsellor/client relationship encourages self-realization, and enables the client to acknowledge the issues they are disclosing and to think of solutions, with gentle encouragement and guidance from the counsellor.

The main goal of any form of counselling therapy is to release the client from any emotional distress, mental confusion and/or limiting beliefs. Person centered counselling arms the client with the opportunity to become more self-aware, and more in control of creating the sort of positive changes they want to see in their life.

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