iyashi dôme

Inspired by a traditional Japanese practice known as Suna Ryoho, where the Japanese would bury themselves in the sand near the hot springs on the beach to eliminate toxins, the Iyashi Dôme is a device which uses unique technology to rejuvenate the skin, reduce toxins, reduce muscular and joint pain, and tone the body.


As the Iyashi Dôme emits infrared rays which penetrate the body up to 40mm deep, it encourages you to sweat out all of the toxins created from pollution, stress, certain foods and lifestyle choices.

Feel Healthier

The Patented Black Carbon technology stimulates the body with long-wave infrared rays. These rays act specifically on the body while you are in the dome and stimulate your metabolism, resulting in measurable weight loss.

Reduce Pain

The Iyashi Dôme is great for   muscle and joint pain relief and sports recovery. Coming in for a 30 minute session after exercise will aid in muscle recovery, offering reduced soreness the following day.


1 x 30-minute session


6 x 30-minute session


$58 per session

12 x 30-minute session


$53 per session



Stress, an imbalanced diet, pollution, the pressure to perform, negative emotions, ever-present self-control, and many other internal and external factors in our lives all take a toll on the human body. These factors can result in the body accumulating toxins, more so than it can cope with. These in turn have a variety of negative implications on the body, leading to accelerated aging and weakening of the body's natural defenses. The Iyashi Dôme works hard to heal the body by removing some of these built up toxins and in turn, relieving you of muscle and joint pain, and assisting you on your journey towards weight loss.





Based off a traditional Japanese method, the Iyashi Dôme uses modern technology to draw sweat from the largest organ of the body, the skin. The infrared sauna draws sweat to rejuvenate the skin, reduce toxins, reduce muscular and joint pain, and tone the silhouette. By stimulating the metabolism and triggering deep sweat, the body achieves the same result as running 20 kilometers - without the damaging side effects of vigorous exercise.


reduce wrinkles

remove toxins

aid recovery

lose weight


Refinement and improvement of the silhouette, burns up to 600 calories a session, beneficial for skin - anti-aging effect, makes skin softer and appearing younger, great for joint pain and muscular relaxation.

Iyashi Dôme technology purifies and shapes the silhouette by restoring balance and youth to the body.  The amount of sweat produced with the Iyashi Dôme is equivalent to the amount the body produces during intense exercise, but beneficially without the wear and tear caused by exercise. A recent clinical trial conducted over a 28 day period involving 13 patients, each using the dome twice a week, showed up to 18% reduction in wrinkles, on at least one of the areas measured, in all participants.  Skin complexion became more luminous up to 12%, for 80% of participants.  It also helped to brighten the skin and reduce dark spots by up to 24%.



Similar to exercise, you will not see desirable results from one session a month. The Iyashi Dôme requires a minimum of one session a week in order for results to be felt and measured. Our recommended use is two to three times a week to see optimal results. Rosewood Clinic offers packages for the Iyashi Dôme, come in to any of our clinics today and speak with our therapists about which package suits you best. 


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