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The recent COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge we all face together. As the situation evolves rapidly, we endeavour to keep our clients updated on the most recent developments as they pertain to our practice and the services we offer.


Psychological services in Australia are considered Essential. Maintaining your mental health during this time is of critical importance. In response to increasing anxiety, stress, grief, PTSD and other psychological difficulties. Rosewood Clinic will remain open for both face-to-face consultations, unless directed otherwise by the Federal or State government or if a decision is made that this is no longer in the best interest of clients or ourselves.  Telehealth (online) and phone consultations will continue to be provided where needed.

Therapy Session
Talking in Headset

Telehealth Consultations.

Our psychologists have undergone extensive training in order to help individuals effectively manage stress, anxiety, panic, grief and other psychological concerns. Whether this is face-to-face, online, or over the phone, it is extremely important to seek professional help if you are experiencing psychological distress. It is encouraged that we all stay connected at this time, particularly in light of increasing social restrictions.

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