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We are now fully open and all our services are available.  Some sevices are also available via telehealth to anyone who feels more comfortable at home, or is otherwise limited in travelling to visit us in person.

What is telehealth (video & telephone counselling)?

  • Telehealth entitles eligible people to the same Medicare rebate as face-to-face therapy, with the same counsellors but as the sessions are less expensive for us to run, we pass that saving on to you.

  • As there is no need to travel, you can access therapy in the comfort of your home or work, or another place that is quiet and confidential.

  • It eliminates the problem of attending your appointments if you have mobility problems, anxiety issues that makes it difficult to leave home, or are geographically remote.

  • You will save hours of your time and $ not needing to physically travel.

We strongly encourage social distancing and hand hygiene practices at the clinic.

As always, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible care with our focus on holistic wellness.  We appreciate your support & thank you!

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